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Looking for a delicious place to visit in Noosa where you can also pick up a few things for pantry? Belmondos Organic Market is a one-stop shop for all things organic ranging from fresh produce, to meat, to skincare.

A visit to Belmondos is best started with a coffee from Cladestino Coffee Roasters, followed by a fresh seasonal lunch from Vanilla Food, and then a nice long browse around the aisles where you will be tempted to treat yourself to a huge variety of tasty goods. Why not even pick up a fresh baked loaf of bread from the delectable Tanglewood Bakery?

We have organised group visits to Belmondos and would be happy to work this stop into any itinerary, whether it be school groups, food tours, special interest groups or holiday makers.

Check out our blog on the Chefs Tour, where Hinter-Coast Transport provided a charter bus for a group of Noosa chefs to visit Belmondos and go behind the scenes at Voodoo Bacon.

Contact the team at Hinter-Coast Transport to speak to us about Noosa bus hire options and creating the perfect itinerary.


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26th September, 2018

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