Noosa National Park


Sometimes we take what’s right on our doorstep for granted. Whenever we go for a walk in the Noosa National Park, we always come out thinking ‘why don’t we do this more often…’ Last weekend we ventured into the park from the southern Sunshine Beach direction. Whilst this does mean you start with a hundred or so fairly steep steps, the views from the top are well worth it! Its not long before you are walking past the bluest of blue ocean as the sandy sea floor gives the appearance of an oceanic swimming pool. This direction also takes you past a secluded bay, where at this time of the year with no waves it’s probably at it’s absolute best.

There were a few people swimming but we found a shady spot on the edge of the cliffs and watched as about 3 different sea turtles popped up and down in front of us, followed by 3 pods of dolphins who appeared to be doing some fishing just off the headland. All in all its pretty magical, and once you take a moment to stop, sit and watch you are bound to find something intriguing going on out there in the waves. Last time we were lucky enough to see some whales but we think they may have all made their way up to Hervey Bay by now, so fingers crossed for the next few weeks when they all begin to head south again.

If you haven’t been in awhile then do yourself a favour and enjoy it while its at its picture perfect best. If you have never been then add the Noosa National Park to you list immediately!

30th August, 2017

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